Talon System

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Enabling seamless fracturing operations

With Eagle Pressure Control’s Talon System, you get a smoother, more efficient operation. With industry leading valves and best maintenance practices, remote greasing manifolds and bundled frac and flowback services, we get the job done right. With our additional services, we go beyond for a whole other level of performance. Paired with our Zipper System, the easiest single line zipper system to rig up on the market, the benefits you will realize on your location are:

  • Spooled zipper with power adjustable skids allows for faster rig up
  • Power adjustable skids allow for perfect alignment keeping zipper and stacks out of bind
  • Power adjustable skids eliminate pinch points when connecting skid spools
  • Faster rig up/down to change out a valve or wellhead in case of leak
  • Eliminate the rig up time of frac iron risers
  • Eliminate NPT from frac iron riser leaks
  • Eliminate risk of frac iron parting or washing

Talon System Specifications:

  • Configure frac stacks and manifolds from 5-1/8” to 7-1/16”
  • Up to 15,000 psi
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