About Eagle

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Our Mission

We keep customer operations streamlined and safe through access to the industry's most talented pressure control professionals. Whether they rent a single tool, or entrust us with a major service job, our goal is to strengthen their operation.

Our Values

What we do isn't just about business; it's about responsibility. Eagle Pressure Control pushes its people to continuously learn more, work harder, stay safer and teach more than anyone else in the business.

Our Difference

Eagle puts a more experienced crew to work on your well. From the Eagle Ford to the Permian, every single Eagle employee who supports your project will add performance, insight and confidence to the job. Every. Single. One.

The Pressure Control Professionals

Eagle Pressure Control is a Houston-based provider of comprehensive pressure control support. Our customers get total coverage that ranges from fabrication to field services, reliable rentals and much more—all planned and executed by some of the most experienced professionals in the business.

Experience Has No Substitute

A formal education is a great foundation, but let’s face it: in the oilfield, there are some things you just can’t learn in a classroom. That’s why Eagle Pressure Control not only provides extensive competency and safety training but also insists in bringing only the most experienced personnel to every job. Whether supporting the remanufacture or repair of tools at the shop or delivering superior pressure control services on site, Eagle crews have seen it all.

Setting You Up for the Win

Experienced pressure control pros know that the most important part of the job happens well before your crew arrives on site. This includes ensuring the absolute correct product specification, making sure your equipment is field ready, bringing spares on site and planning the logistics of your job or purchase for maximum efficiency.

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